Klondike Contracting is kicking off 2021 with a brand-new project with our long-time client, BC Housing! We are tasked with renovating the rooms in the Dominion Hotel as part of the Dominion Supporting Housing Program, providing housing for people struggling with substance use and/or mental wellness and a harm-reduction environment.

These non-profit housing provider SRO projects are particularly challenging because, in order for the client to meet funder requirements, they involve a high volume of building renovations with accelerated timelines. Fortunately, having worked on these types of projects before, we have plenty of hands-on experience on improving single-room-occupancy (SRO) hotels and self-contained units on a shorter timeline while still keeping things under budget!

BC Housing works with non-profit societies and municipal governments to develop a range of supportive housing options. We’re proud to participate in BC Housing’s mission of making a positive difference in people’s lives and communities through safe, affordable, and quality housing!

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