Klondike Contracting has just begun renovating the Best Buy Experience Store on Robson Street! Designed by Calgary-based Neoteric Architecture and located at the heart of downtown Vancouver’s retail district, this large project will commence in 5 separate phases, covering work that is re-configuration of displays, drywall, painting, electrical and mechanical in nature. Seeing as the place of work is an existing store that will remain in operation throughout the renovation process, we will endeavour to employ a proactive approach to occupied areas that include planning, communication and monitoring, to ensure that construction is executed properly.

Although Best Buy have placed a larger emphasis on its online shopping options, their brick and mortar stores remain central to its continued success as a primary venue to explain and demonstrate the technology available for purchase to their customers. As such, we’re eager to work with one of Canada’s largest and most successful consumer electronic retailers at one of their most important locations in Western Canada!

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