We’re excited to announce that we’ve just started another project for BGIS Workplace Solutions in the historic Sinclair Centre in downtown Vancouver! Owned by the federal government, this notable centre housed the Vancouver’s first post office built in 1910, the RV Winch building built in 1911 and the customs examining warehouse built in 1913.

BGIS Sinclair Centre Renovation project

Historic Sinclair Centre (Source: Heritage Vancouver)

Instantly recognisable from its exterior original heritage look, the Sinclair centre’s buildings depict an Edwardian Baroque style, combining English and French architectural influences and is one of the finest examples of neo-Baroque style in the entire country!

BGIS Sinclair Centre Renovation project

Sinclair Centre Clock Tower (Source: Sinclair Centre)

The Sinclair centre has an equally storied construction history – back in 1986, all four building were restored and connected by an atrium space at a cost of $38 million and re-christened after Vancouver MP James Sinclair, the father of Margaret Trudeau.



Klondike’s work at the Sinclair Centre will be varied, ranging from demolition and hazardous material abatement, to removal and re-installing of all associated structures and fixtures. Given the building’s heritage status, we thrilled to play a part in re-invigorating this historic complex while respecting the highest WorkSafe BC standards regarding hazardous materials abatement.

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