As the Construction Management company for School District 41 (Burnaby), Klondike Contracting is excited to be working with our new client in creating a total of 600 new childcare spaces split among six different school district sites, including Marlborough, Cascade Heights, Westridge, Cameron and Suncrest elementary schools as well as the Marian Education Center. Our partnership with Dimas Craveiro Architect, MJL Engineering, Laporte Consultants, Bogdanov Pao Associates and ByCar Engineering has enables us to keep these projects running smoothly! Construction is currently ongoing as we take all necessary precautions to keep our employees and subcontractors safe during this coronavirus pandemic.

SD41 - can be used for any of the five sites (2)

Rendering of new daycare facilities (Source: Dimas Craveiro)

KC is partnering with StructureCraft, who specialize in building gorgeous mass timber and custom architectural structures made out of wood, to construct the school district’s new childcare spaces! These will be partly made from glue-laminated timber (glulam) and dowel-laminated timber (DLT). Delta-based StructureCraft only recently celebrated the opening of their new 50,000 SF headquarters and the launch of the first all wood mass timber panel (DLT) in North America.

Wood, a traditional material that’s been utilized for building structures for thousands of years, is increasingly becoming the material choice for many. Its sustainability, quality, strength, flexibility and speed of construction has made wood a much more attractive option when compared to its less eco-friendly counterpart. New ways of engineering wood, such as DLT and glulam, has given rise to a refreshing wave of innovative wooden architecture.

Dowel-laminated timber is the only all wood mass timber product and in concept, it involves no glue or nails. With no metal fasteners, DLT panels can be efficiently processed using machinery, creating a high tolerance panel which can also contain pre-integrated acoustic materials, electrical conduits, and other service interfaces. DLT can be used for floor, wall and roof structures and is an alternative to traditional materials such as concrete and steel, yet with unique differences from other mass timber engineered wood products.

Not to be outdone, these childcare spaces will also be made from glulam – a highly visible form of mass timber in contemporary projects, with long spans framing signature designs that have been left exposed to take advantage of wood’s natural aesthetic. Glulam is often advocated as a viable alternative to structural concrete and steel. When compared to concrete and steel, glulam can produce a lighter weight structure with a lesser carbon footprint that is much stronger, pound-for-pound. A variety of structural components can be formed using glulam including parallel beams, pre-cambered beams, sloped beams, curved beams, flight beams and trusses.

Praising its sustainability, quality and speed of construction, architects have fully embraced new types of engineered timber that are markedly hardy, steadfast and malleable. As steel and concrete gradually fall to the wayside due to their steep environmental costs, timber architecture — in all shapes and sizes — is rising to exciting new heights and we’re thrilled to incorporate it into these new childcare environments!

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