Located in North Burnaby, Cameron Elementary represent a wide cultural and ethnic background in their student population and school community.  The school staff have committed to working together to develop a common language to help students develop both their Social Emotional Competencies as well as to develop a strong sense of togetherness. All students are learning about the Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Children – exploring using the 7 Habits to support consistency and help build a sense of belonging and community.

Cameron Elementary’ s focus is two-fold: focusing on improving their students’ writing performance & increasing the number of students meeting their grade level and decreasing students’ anxiety by way of increasing student independence and utilising anxiety-reducing strategies to boost confidence.

Cameron Elementary is one of many different school district sites that is currently playing a part of the ambitious plan to add child-care spaces at local schools in the city of Burnaby. Cameron will house brand-new design-built modular structures and portables, designed to address the lack of inclusive, supported childcare spaces in our province. Klondike Contracting is currently in the midst of transferring and building these childcare spaces; check out the rest of our blog to know more!

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