Located in North Burnaby, École Cascade Heights believes in offering a diverse number of programs and services to meet the needs of an ever-changing student population.  To that end, they have implemented specific School Goals as cornerstones for their culture of learning. This includes a:

Reading Goal: Literacy support is this school’s number #1 Goal. Approximately 30% of the student population are English Language Leaning (ELL), with this number increasing over the past three years. All data indicates that their primary learners require support in this area, so, to that end, École Cascade Heights is working on improving reading comprehension within their students as a whole.

Social & Emotional Learning Goal: Now entering its sixth year as a school focus, this Goal deals with self-regulation/emotional regulation as a daily practice. An increase of students at-risk, emotionally, has resulted in the school bringing in Zones of Regulation, proactive counselling times and new individual counselling programs in order to facilitate this Goal.

Numeracy Goal: This is an emerging Goal for École Cascade Heights’ 2019/2020 school year. Seeing a need for a stronger basic math skill in students, the school aims to collect baseline data for these math skills using specific assessment tools as a starting point.

Students needs are at the core of everything at École Cascade Heights – staff continually adjust instruction and programming to meet them in a variety of methods, including ensuring instruction is at a student-instructional level, employing visual strategies and using iPads and Apps to augment student learning.

École Cascade Heights is one of many different school district sites that is currently playing a part of the ambitious plan to add child-care spaces at local schools in the city of Burnaby. Cascade Heights will house brand-new design-built modular structures and portables, designed to address the lack of inclusive, supported childcare spaces in our province. Klondike Contracting is in partnership with Dimas Craveiro Architect, MJL EngineeringLaporte ConsultantsBogdanov Pao Associates and ByCar Engineering and is currently in the midst of transferring and building four childcare spaces (with 91 daycare spots); check out the rest of our blog to know more!

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