This North Burnaby elementary school is one of the largest in the entire province, with 936 students attending. Their school population boasts a diverse 56 different languages with hundreds of students each in the early French Immersion program and the English program. Marlborough’s school mission is to provide a safe, supportive and challenging learning environment based on the belief of the community that it’s vital to foster a climate that promotes mutual respect; develop self-esteem, creativity and confidence; foster learning that is natural and enjoyable; and continue the growth of children’s knowledge and understanding of themselves and their world.

With such a large school population, Marlborough Elementary’ s Goals are centered on:

  • Supporting & strengthening social-emotional learning – the school recognizes the need to explicitly teach self-regulation and social skills in order for students to fully participate in their school experience via observation, anecdotes, meetings and counsellor referrals.
  • Improving all student’s reading levels – the school has a 3-year plan to specifically focus on a small cohort of ‘at-rick’ readers with programs that support those that are not reading or reading below grade level. With dedicated Reading Recovery teachers, the school is committed to tracking these students’ progress and making a difference.

Marlborough Elementary is one of many different school district sites that is currently playing a part of the ambitious plan to add child-care spaces at local schools in the city of Burnaby. Cascade Heights will house brand-new design-built modular structures and portables, designed to address the lack of inclusive, supported childcare spaces in our province. Klondike Contracting is in partnership with Dimas Craveiro Architect, MJL EngineeringLaporte ConsultantsBogdanov Pao Associates and ByCar Engineering and is currently in the midst of transferring and building five childcare spaces (with 121 daycare spots); check out the rest of our blog to know more!

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