Located in North Burnaby, Westridge Elementary has an enrollment of 300 students in both English and French immersion. With such a multicultural school community, the student population boasts speaking many languages and engagse in many kinds of extra-curricular opportunities including athletics, fine arts, band and sports programs. The school strives to meet their official mission ‘to prepare ourselves to be, the best that we can be’.

With such a diverse school population, Westridge Elementary’ s focus is on writing, specifically building a common language of writing for both staff and students, developing a strong skill base, developing the ability to go deeper in the initial ideas process, and celebrating student writing.

Westridge Elementary is one of many different school district sites that is currently playing a part of the ambitious plan to add child-care spaces at local schools in the city of Burnaby. Westridge will house brand-new design-built modular structures and portables, designed to address the lack of inclusive, supported childcare spaces in our province. Klondike Contracting is currently in the midst of transferring and building these childcare spaces; check out the rest of our blog to know more!

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