We’re delighted to announce our latest healthcare project with Fraser Health, the largest health authority in British Columbia! Klondike Contracting has begun work on the Mount Saint Joseph Hospital modernisation project, whereby we will be enhancing the quality-of-life for the residents’ and patients’ by creating a more home-like environment: staff will have added functionality, assets will be modernised, and the overall aesthetic will be improved.

Working with DCYT Architecture and Williams Engineering, we are renovating current areas and installing residential-type kitchenettes and commercial-type hospital kitchens, covering demolition of existing cabinetry, electrical and plumbing work; removal and disposal of tray lines and rigid counters; installation of sinks and backsplash(s); new plumbing; and new flooring.

Fraser Health services 1.8 million people across 20 communities and is currently facing a growing number of older populations and changing expectations of the health system. They have also recently taken on more of a role in dealing with chronic diseases, mental health issues and substance abuse. As Fraser Health continues to expand, we are excited to work with them as we have also successfully qualified to work with them on future healthcare projects!

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