Klondike Contracting recently held its first-ever Team Challenge to mark the end of summer! The whole staff, both field and office met at the office for an orientation session to go through the challenges, review the points system and strategize with our fellow team members.

It was essential to incorporate KC’s Core Values within the challenges itself:

1.     INTEGRITY Promoting ethics, respect and authenticity
2.     PROFESSIONAL Being accountable, knowledgeable and experienced
3.     OWNERSHIP Taking responsibility and having pride in all work
4.     COMMUNICATION Ensuring information is proactively shared and updated
5.     HEALTH & SAFETY Maintaining health and safety standards for clients and team members
6.     TEAMWORK Fostering and supporting a collaborative and engaged team work

We worked as a team to complete as many challenges as we could within a span of 2.5 hours, with each challenge completed earning us points. Additional points were given if the team managed to, among other things, creatively use our budget, travel a great distance, arrive at the meeting point first and employ a fun team name and theme!

KC staff went all out in very different ways, confirming that bringing us all together can yield very interesting results, to say the least. Case in point: when asked to ‘cool off in some water and take a picture to prove it’, one team bought a round of beers in a pub (this was met with begrudging approval). Another team employed their building skills and built their very own inukshuk, when asked to take a photograph in front of one. Not to be outdone, when forbidden to take personal cars to roam around Vancouver, an intrepid team walked, talked their way into a free bus ride and rented a car through Evo to complete their challenges. Suffice it to say, every single team came back with some hilarious pictures to commemorate the day, some of which we are sharing here:

All staff eventually ended up downtown at the trendy Loft at Earl’s Yaletown for dinner, drinks and a photo presentation of how we all interpreted, succeeded at or finessed through our set of challenges. The KC teams managed to branch out in a variety of ways, choosing many surprising locations, different modes of transport and various posed yoga selfies (some of us are nimbler than others) that were available to us.

As a team-building exercise, it really opened our eyes to the many ways we can support each other and each individual’s particular strength in any given situation. Everyone had a great time and it is safe to say that the teams will be back next year to try to win again!

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