Over the last few years, Klondike Contracting has completed several supportive housing projects and is a proud partner of BC Housing’s homelessness initiatives and support services. Having completed many provincial housing projects in service of the Lower Mainland community, we are pleased to support our longstanding client, BC Housing, in contributing to the ongoing efforts of addressing the needs of the most marginalized communities in the city.



In 2019, the Klondike team completed the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, where we built an entirely new and functional shelter with new dormitories, a kitchen, open-plan dining area, as well as the capacity to house 57 new beds.  As a result, this centre is able to accommodate the increasing numbers of residents as well as include space for round-the-clock services including nutritious meals, housing outreach, first aid, and counseling. This transition from an emergency night shelter to a 24-hour operation and safe space required additional beds, a commercial kitchen, improved washrooms, and an open layout emphasizing security, comfort, and privacy for the residents.



In 2020, Klondike Contracting completed several Single Room Occupancy (SRO) projects which involved a high volume of building renovations with accelerated timelines.  Through our partnership with BC Housing, we renovated these small SRO buildings containing small single rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities – creating safe and affordable accommodation for individuals at risk of homelessness. In addition, our staff has completed construction projects in multiple BC Housing buildings – the Flint Hotel, London Hotel, Savoy Hotel, Carl Rooms & Winters Hotel – which included replacing doors and windows, painting, and installing brand-new electrical and fire security fixtures. 



In 2021, Klondike Contracting had the privilege of embarking on yet another project with BC Housing. This project involved renovating a former Vancouver landmark store that was forced to shut down due to the challenges of COVID-19, downtown Army & Navy, into a temporary housing shelter. This loss was deeply felt within the neighbourhood, but luckily our team was eager to step in and help with the much needed transformation.


With a total of 60 ‘sleeping pods’ enclosed with movable walls, residents of this shelter could finally seek privacy and stability during the hardest of times. The second renovated area became a drop-in space that people could use during the days, which made it possible to clean the sleeping area daily without putting residents back into the streets. The shelter is a 24/7 supported environment, which means that unlike most shelters, residents are not required to vacate by a set time each morning. 


All in all, we are so proud to participate in BC Housing’s mission of making a positive difference in people’s lives and communities through safe, affordable, and quality housing! Make sure to tuned for more BC Housing projects to come in the future.

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