Klondike Contracting offers comprehensive, award-winning Design Build services.

We bring together an innovative team of professionals that specialize in general contracting, renovations and interior design for commercial and residential properties in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. When you’re ready to choose a reputable and reliable renovation specialist, look no further than Klondike Contracting.

Klondike Contracting is an Award-Winning Design Build construction firm established in 1998.

We specialize in residential single family and condo renovation projects. We partner with talented architects, designers and engineers to deliver our Design Build 360 process. Recognizing that renovations are often one of the single largest and most stressful investment a family will undertake, we work diligently to ensure the project is completed with:

  • Creative Designs Solutions
  • Realistic Budgets & Schedules
  • Professional Project Management
  • Real Time Reporting & Updates
  • Competitive Network of Subtrades
  • Highest Quality of Workmanship
  • Minimal Stress & Unforeseen Issues

We work closely with our clients through all stages of the project stages (Design, Permit, Budget & Construction) to ensure that their functional, esthetic and financial needs are met and respected. Our team of talented consultants and highly skilled craftsmen are passionate about delivering value and the highest quality workmanship. We don’t just build beautiful spaces, we solve functional problems to bring families closer and enable them to enjoy the precious time they spend together!

Matching the right team for each project is our first key to success.

Each client is fit with the right team of people to not only determine and respect our clients’ parameters, win awards and execute varying technical projects but to ensure that we minimize confusion and complexity during an otherwise stressful situation. With proper communication, our clients are informed in advance of upcoming challenges, presented a plan to deal with them and provided with peace of mind that everything is taken care of! Knowing what lies ahead allows our clients to plans and prepare without feeling they are constantly having to deal with new and unforeseen events.

Our team’s passion for what we do is unmistakable.

We spend an unprecedented amount of time hiring the right people who don’t just view this as a means to earn a living but who really care about our clients, appreciate how providing this service will forever change their lives and thoroughly enjoy the industry and what it has to offer. Redefining the way a space is laid out or the type of finishes used is an expression of our clients’ lifestyles. This is why we spend so much time getting to know our clients and understanding how they live and work, and what they truly value. Our work is, first and foremost, about making a positive difference in our clients’ lives which is what motivates us to get up in the morning and passionately pursue our work!

Design Build 360 by Klondike Contracting

We have taken a new approach to general contracting by looking at your residential and commercial projects in a more comprehensive light. Our Design Build 360 process was created specifically to ensure that all of our projects are successful for every party involved. We are strong believers in the saying “Proper planning prevents poor production”. Our pre-construction phase allows for thorough preparation, ensuring efficiency and quality during the construction phase. We ensure a high degree of communication, expert guidance and a superior quality finished space.

Klondike Contracting

Klondike Contracting Corporation #300-1375 W 6 Avenue Vancouver, BC Canada V6H 0B1 Tel: (604) 708-3337 Fax: (604) 708-3397

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