BC’s growing athleisure industry gets a significant boost with the addition of RYU Apparel in Canada and Klondike Contracting is proud to unveil our second project for this premier athletic clothing brand at the Park Royal Shopping Centre, West Vancouver! Tt is RYU’s third stand-alone store after the West Fourth Avenue and Thurlow & Robson locations. Measuring roughly 4,0000 square feet and designed by AA Robins Architect (www.aarobins.com), this retail store boasts a ‘gallery’ vibe that incorporates a curved display wall that showcases their bestselling products.

Aimed at the urban athlete who wants to go from sport to work (and vice-versa), RYU invests heavily in innovative clothing fabrics & manufacturing and retail spaces that showcases ‘purposeful’ athletic apparel. Against the backdrop of steel and concrete elements is a product lineup that consists of apparel that are cut in streamlined silhouettes, scuff-and-water resistant material and ultra-comfy tights. Their product lineup consists of exceptional and technically advanced products that are geared for today’s health-and-fitness lover.

Klondike Contracting is also building RYU’s fourth BC store in Metrotown. Stay tuned for more updates!

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