Our sister company, Newsam Construction, has recently completed a gorgeous, high-end residential renovation! This chic, cool and sprawling home features a simple monochromatic and wood theme that speaks volumes – lending an airy feel that opens up the space while lending it an overall elegant feel. The versatility of wood is very much on display here with the use of varying shades and textures. Combined together, the aesthetic effect is stunning.

While a staircase is a major feature into any house, its potential for design impact is often overlooked. That is certainly not the case here! Upon entry, you’ll immediately take notice of the modern stairways and stairwell chandelier, making this oft-neglected area an inspiration design spot. The use of glass and wood really boosts the flow of daylight in the area and the spaces beyond.

Marble is a timeless design choice and the use of full marble slabs in the new bathroom feel luxurious and contemporary. The common spaces in this home are similarly luxurious: the blending of subtler-grained wood to bring out the minimal, neat, and light-enhancing white-and-black colour scheme is especially effective.


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