We are a week away from substantially completing a seismically upgraded structure for our client, Turner Meakin Management Company, and we couldn’t resist giving you a small update! We’re very proud to have worked in collaboration with architects and engineers – CoDesign Architecture, Burrard Mechanical and Hytek Mechanical – to transform this ageing building into retail spaces in the future.

Construction management for Turner Meakin Seismic Upgrade Project

Vancouver and the surrounding cities are in the midst of unprecedented construction that involves seismic safety improvements. Building standards have developed considerable over the last few decades and many existing buildings fall short of the standards now required for new buildings. Klondike Contracting has been lucky enough to branch out to more seismic upgrade projects for commercial companies and large institutions.

In the last year, we have completed modified construction to existing structures for clients such as BC Housing and the Maple Ridge School District to help them cope better in the event of an earthquake. The seismic dangers of the Lower Mainland’s many older buildings are important to address, and we are keen to work with clients on a strategy for seismic improvement, whether they be for public spaces or private property.

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