Hot on the heels of their recent pop-up store earlier this year, MUJI ( is looking to make their presence permanent with their recent announcement that MUJI will open a Metropolis at Metrotown location this summer! Upon its opening, it will be MUJI’s largest location in the country… until, that is, they open a Robson Street location even later this year. This double whammy will encompass over 17,000 square feet (a 7,700 square feet Metrotown MUJI and a 10,000 square feet Robson Street flagship) and marls MUJI’s expansion into the Canadian retail market.

MUJI store in Daimyo, Japan (Source:

Not to be outdone, Canadian variety retailer and ‘Japanese lifestyle brand’, MINISO (  is also making leaps and bounds into Canada. Describing itself as a competitor to MUJI and world-famous Japanese casual wear retailer Uniqlo, MINISO aims to open between 30 to 50 stores in Canada over the next 12 months. Here in BC, MINISO is set to open a store at Tsawwassen Mills with another 2 stores opening this July at West Vancouver’s Park Royal and 550 Granville Street. Seems like these companies that specialize in household and consumer goods have their eye set on dominating the value-priced variety retail space market.

MINISO store in Canada (Source:

Outdoor sportswear brand and Seattle-based company Filson (  is also expanding into Canada with a recent opening in Gastown last month. Filson prides itself on representing the essence of the Pacific Northwest with its earthy and natural apparel as well as their use of local blacksmiths and artisans. Filson has mentioned that it does recognize the current challenging global retail climate but acknowledges that its current strategy of offering a unique point of view and embracing their quirkiness has made them very appealing to shoppers.

Filson store in Vancouver (Source:

 And last, but certainly not least, Tesla ( will be opening its third Canadian location at West Vancouver’s Pak Royal. With electric vehicles beginning to take hold in Canada, we have no doubt that Tesla is capitalizing on our province’s support of clean-energy and electric vehicle purchases. CBC reported this month that in addition to its lineup of electric cars, Tesla has unveiled solar roofs to customers worldwide, enabling installations outside the United States to begin in 2018.

The Tesla Model S (Source:

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