BC Building Code – The provincial government announced new changes to the BC Building Code last week which will allow the construction of taller wood buildings of 12 storeys. This landmark change is an increase from the current allowance of six storeys and comes after years of industry and government-supported research and pilot projects. Innovations in wood construction will help create new green construction and manufacturing jobs. This new change comes ahead of the federal government’s planned update in 2020 to the National Building Code, which is expected to allow mass timber construction up to 12 storeys.

Changes in the BC Building Code

Wood-frame construction (Source: Daily Hive)

Burnaby sports complex – The City of Burnaby is building a new $45-million sports complex with two NHL-sized ice rinks with construction to begin imminently at 7789 18th Street. It will be a 90,000 SF facility that will house almost 600 spectator seats for both rinks, a viewing area, spaces for dry-floor sports and gatherings, a skate shop and multipurpose rooms. The facility is set to provide much needed amenity spaces around the Edmonds Station area which is experiencing significant densification.

Burnaby Sports Complex (

Burnaby Sports Complex (Source: Daily Hive)

A One-of-a-Kind Daycare – This month, the Vancouver city council is expected to approve a $17-million construction contract to build two childcare facilities on the rooftop levels of city-owned parkades in Gastown, specifically the connected parkades of 150 Water Street and 151 West Cordova Street. These under-utilized parking spaces will house single-storey structures containing 1,000 SF of indoor space and 15,000 SF of secure outdoor play space. With each facility housing 37 children, Water Street Childcare and West Cordova Childcare will feature a rooftop solar panel system and capitalize on existing city-owned land and infrastructure to provide new downtown facilities with well-lit open spaces.

Vancouver Daycare Facilities

Vancouver Daycare Facilities (Source: Daily Hive)

Panda Pod Hotel – Opening this month is Metro Vancouver’s first pod hotel! The adults-only Panda Pod Hotel will welcome its guests into their capsules at No 3 Road in Richmond, just across from Richmond City Hall. Hostel guests will sleep in a stacked pod, with each pod equipped with a memory foam pillow, comfortable mattress, a folding table that allows for work on a laptop, charging outlets for laptops and smartphones, hooks to hang clothes, adjustable ventilation, and a pull-down screen over the pod entrance for privacy. Free Wi-Fi, complimentary secured lockers for smaller items and carry-on luggage, secured large luggage storage, and communal washrooms and showers are available to guests, along with slippers, towels, toiletries, and hair dryers. The popularity of the single-occupancy pod is rising – we covered the opening of Canada’s first pod hotel in Whistler – and we predict the trend of ‘capsule’ hotels will spread across Metro Vancouver.

Panda Pod hostel

Panda Pod (Source: Vancouver is Awesome)

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