We’re almost complete on one of our summer residential projects and we couldn’t resist letting everyone know about it! Our clients wanted to completely overhaul their two-storey home and redo their garage addition in order to modernise their home and add an office to allow the client to work from home.

The renovation of their house was extensive, beginning with a complete demolition of the interior doors, frames, partitions and finishes. We could then start the primary renovation work that included extending the house to the north – adding a new basement and upper floor – and alterations that included a brand-new kitchen configuration and island (all the better to host dinner parties!), an expanded dining area and pantry (more storage space is always a plus), and building a new bathroom and den on the upper floor.

Not to be outdone, KC also performed demolition work on the garage building, then started renovations by way of extending this building to the south with a new foundation, alteration of existing roof assemblies and a floor extension. In order to accommodate the husband’s home-office, we also built a brand-new studio area and powder room!

We love re-imagining spaces and revitalising the property you love. We knew it was important to consider the clients’ existing home and architecture when considering renovations and additions that will complement them, their personal style and their busy work-life balance!

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